Dear Guests,

We have an ideal setting at South Beach Place, which serves to make your stay with us a safe and pleasant experience.   We have been  conscientiously addressing all the  requirements that concern every one of us  today.

South Beach Place, in quaint Vero Beach,  has no elevators,  our rooms are accessed through an open breezeway, ventilated by natural fresh air flowing with ocean breezes from the Open air Park and Ocean across the street.   Our guest walk to their rooms without ever finding themselves enclosed in any common area,  other than within the confines of their rooms, all our other amenities are open air facilities.

Our Hotel is a brick fortress, including the inside partition walls between rooms.  Each room has it’s own air conditioning wall unit, limiting the air circulation to your personal room space.  In addition our rooms are all self- contained with their own bathrooms and kitchens for your cooking convenience during your staycation.  We will be establishing safe distancing rules for the use of the common area BBQ for all to safely enjoy.

We will also be establishing safe distancing room around our pool and garden area offering guests a safe space for them to enjoy our pool and gardens.

Our housekeeping team has uber-detailed and disinfected our always spotlessly clean rooms into another level, notable, multi sensory experience.   Disinfecting has taken center stage at South Beach Place and every nook and cranny has been addressed together with our ozone machine, you will find our rooms to be beyond sparkling.

We have implemented having a detail person on site to continuously wipe down all hand-rails, lounge chairs,  tables and chairs, door knobs, bicycles, shuffleboard polls, BBQ area…and anything you point to. 

Hand Sanitizers, will be available throughout the premises and in every room together with soap and other disinfecting products that will offer you the peace of mind we are all seeking.

All our employees will be wearing masks and gloves and required to wash their hands constantly.   Our entire staff will be actively attentive to cleaning and wipe down task details throughout the amenities, there will be many watchful eyes.   The office staff will accommodate your needs and can be reached by text, phone or they will happily meet you outside the office in an effort to encourage communication with distance.  

With your safety and ours in mind we want to welcome you back to South Beach Place.  If you know Vero Beach you will remember that it is a small respectful sleepy quaint town.  Traffic in Vero Beach is minimum, street parking is readily available,  the Beaches are pristine and never crowded, the streets are always quiet.  In Vero Beach you can  hear the birds sing, and see the bright stars in the clear sky at night.  In Vero Beach you will be forced to relax upon arrival, and be warned that when “Verosis” sets in,  you will never want to leave.

Please call us for our special rates and reserve today…You will be comfortable, happy and safe in our Place.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Neli Santamarina Owner since 2004