Children are our best customers, Family fun at South Beach Place, Vero Beach, Florida

Nicolas is 7 years old, his cousin Lucas is 4 years old they have been visiting  South Beach Place, Vero Beach several times a year  since they were tiny babies, this is their “home away from home”.   Lucas and Nicolas well know the ins and out of South Beach Place, and they continuously ask their very willing parents to bring them back for more!   This year Nicolas and Lucas celebrated the New Year in South Beach Place, they wanted to sleep in a tent and their parents pitched a tent for the cousins in our front yard and the rest is history.

South Beach Place offers peace and tranquility to families and children, traffic is minimal, the streets are quiet,  kids are free to bike,  skate, run  and play, there very few places left in Florida where this freedom still exists.   Parents and families  can relax knowing their kids are entertained and safe.  South Beach Place offers a beautiful front yard for everyone to enjoy,  a warm pool with our own array of water toys for adults and children, a shuffleboard court, a large Bar-B-Q area, our rooms have full kitchens and we pride ourselves in making your stay at South Beach Place easy, fun and relaxing for all.   And the Beach!! That beautiful, pristine,  Beach complements  and delivers time and time again,  making sure your  experience t South Beach Place,  is totally enchanting. Come visit!

Nicolas 2 (blog)

Nicolas 1(blog) Nicolas 4 (blog)

Nicolas 6 (blog) Nicolas 5 (blog)

Nicolas 3 (blog)

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