the Beauty of Vero Beach

South Beach Place  in Vero Beach is located in a quiet cul de sac directly across the street from the Beach.  The ocean breezes and soothing sounds of the waves can be heard from our Hotel, South Beach Place, whether you are sitting in our  lush gardens, poolside or in our expansive terraces you can hear the waves roll all day long.  To me the most relaxing and soothing  time of the day to hear the  waves roll in and out from the nearby Vero Beach Ocean is at night, a few minutes provide me that calming sleepy feeling that is sometimes not easy to come by!

Miles of miles of pristine tranquil Beaches will immediately soothe your nerves and wipe your stress away.  In Vero Beach the Beach is never over-crowded.  Vero’s Beaches allow you to feel that  sense of freedom and space and the Beach is pristine.  Fisherman peacefully sit by their multiple lines waiting for their daily catch.  Children Boogie boarding on the smooth soft shore,   family gatherings,   couples relaxing, sunbathers, or a romantic night stroll are all typical Vero Beach occurrences.

The City of Vero Beach has strict building height regulations so as you walk along the Beach  you will never feel that overpowering feeling you get in most Florida Beach towns where high rise towers overpower the skyline and oppress your senses.  In Vero Beach it is all about endless skies and sunshine.  There are no large overbearing buildings to shadow your Beach time or perturb your line of vision.

Once a year the magic of  turtle laying and hatching season begins. Turtles in Vero Beach are beloved and protected.  The ocean front buildings and homes have to adhere to very strict lighting rules so as not to disturb or mis-guide the turtles hatching ability to make it back to shore.

We invite you to come and discover our little piece of paradise,  come visit our Hotel  South Beach Place,  in Vero Beach, Florida.  Once there grab a towel and go lay by the tranquil seashore, watch the waves roll in and out and soothe your soul back to basics.

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