Kids love South Beach Place!


The perfect setting and large center pool in South Beach Place allows kids the freedom they rarely get nowadays especially when living in large busy cities.

Because children love to play in the water, the pool in South Beach Place turns into their main focus of attention and without any need to leave the pool they enjoy themselves all day long  and into the night.   Kids make friends easily,   rarely does a weekend go by when  guests at South Beach Place see their children making new friends with other guests children and happily play and enjoy themselves in the beautiful grounds and pool area.   Parents can sit back and relax knowing their kids are safe and enjoying themselves.  This provides a fun for all vacation.


South Beach Place is located on a cul de sac across the street from the Vero Beach pristine Beaches.  There is very little traffic in Vero Beach yet because of South Beach Place’s location there is even less in our corner of the world, so bike riding, skateboarding or simply a short walk makes it very safe for kids and allows them the freedom they often lack when living in busy bigger cities.


South Beach Place has a wonderful large front yard where kids can also play, a shuffleboard court enjoyed by young and old and a peace and tranquility enjoyed by all.

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