There is something so enchanting  about South Beach Place, it may be due to the peace and tranquility Vero Beach offers, the ocean breezes and soothing sounds of the rolling tides that together with the sunlight turn a weekend retreat into a magical experience for all the guests at South Beach Place.

One of these  magical weekend experiences took place over a 4 day weekend this June when three previously unknown parties arrived at  South Beach place to celebrate their milestone birthday weekend.   One of these parties was a group of 4 Latin ladies celebrating their cousins 50th birthday.  The other group consisted of 4 American couples celebrating their friends 60th Birthday.  The largest group was an Italian family of approximately 25 people consisting of 3 generations celebrating their matriarchs 70th Birthday weekend.


Three birthday celebrations were held during the same weekend,  everyone shared and played together and new friendships were fostered.  Lots of B-B-Q’ing went on, as well as game playing, relaxing by the pool,   birthday cakes,  and music of all eras and genre’s was shared and enjoyed by all, even the birthday decorations were shared by all the celebrants!.   The Italians offered the Americans a taste of their parillada and the Americans offered the Italians a taste of their B B Q’d ribs,  the Americans ate earlier than the Italians so they grilled first, and everyone was very respectful of each other!  The Latin girls  hung around and made “cosmos” for all!


When I first saw the diverse group arriving at South Beach Place I  had my doubts about how everyone would get along.  But on the first day of this 4 day South Beach Place Birthday celebration weekend the American group set up a Corn Ball playing field in the front yard, shortly after they began to play a few of the Italians who find Corn Ball similar to their beloved Bocce Ball had joined in and all were happily playing together! From that early point of the weekend on I knew the weekend would turn out to be another happy together  Magical weekend at South Beach Place.


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